Can t remove filter once applied (kibana 4.6.3)

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Hello guys,
in kibana 4.6.3, I can t remove applied filter from a dashboard. Once applied, the filters "disapear" from the interface. It is very strange, because in older version (4.1.2), I was able to remove them, invert them etc ...

Thx !

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Could you open your browser's dev tools and see if there's an error in the console when adding a filter? Are the filters still applied? What app are you using, and how are you creating the filters (e.g. clicking the magnifying icon in the discover doc table, or clicking on a bar in a bar chart)?

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Hi Matt !
After inspecting the console, I see an issue with a index name that was not set up in the new kibana config.
The trouble came from the object json migration. I export the object definition, update the meta information et reimport. Now it is OK ; I can see filters \o/

Thx !


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