Can we change the view that currently seeing in discover section of kibana?


I want my search results should display in below format:

From above image we can see that, I have searched drilling and I am getting matching results. And here all the data for one single submitted ticket is merged in one single result.

For example when we submit any ticket, entry goes to various database tables. I have indexed all that table using different sql queries. So when I search anything about submitted ticket it should give me single result. As data for that submitted ticket is not present in one table, currently I am getting more than one results for that submitted ticket. To avoid that, what I can do? Should I change my sql query or it can be handled in any other way? Kindly guide.


Hi @pyerunka the Discover app in Kibana shows a list of matching documents indexed in elasticsearch for a specific index-pattern.
If you index your ticket into multiple indices and your index-pattern cover all or some of them, likely more than one document will shows up.
On discover there is no way to aggregate data coming from different indices based on a specific rule.
Can you please describe a bit more the current index patterns used and shows some example of data? Also could you show us the discover page where you see multiple documents related to the same ticket?

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