Can we send jenkins Build console logs to Kibana using filebeat

Can we send Jenkins Build console output to Kibana using the filebeat you figure out in the image? based on timestamp see highlighted time in that image. Based on the timestamp can we create a dashboard

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If that is stored in a file, then you can definitely do that.

I'm not storing anywhere by default that should be their Jenkins machine. Ok sure I can store the file but based on the time stamp you can see on the yellow-colored highlighted timestamp see the above image based on it can we create a graph, please tell me, and also I want to visualize CPU RAM utilization free memory used memory and everything, what type of beats I should use for that

Look at using Metricbeat.

Or check out if this can help
Logstash | Jenkins plugin

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1st image is metric beat logs
2nd image metric beat visualization it showing count 121268 what is that count any idea

Yes, I'm Working on that..

in the Jenkins pipeline, I have 4 stages, now I want to make a graph using those stages. The graph should be like each stage individual time (example below image I want to make a graph like this)

is it possible to visualize in kibana dashboard 1st stage730ms, 2nd stage 2min 6s, 3rd stage 761ms, 4th stage 362ms ?

see the 1st yellow highlited timstamp based on that i need to make graph stage taken 2mn time like that

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