Can we use ELK stack without X-Pack?

Can we use ELK stack without X-Pack

Yes, you can.

If you can provide a bit more context to your question, we can probably give a more useful answer.
Is there a particular reason that you don't want to use X-Pack?

We need to try it out in server with no license mode intially to prove the ELK stack.So can we use free version.I have read in and got like if it is freeware i can use only elk stack without X-Pack.So to confirm on that I have this question.

You can install X-Pack and use it with a free license.
See the "basic" license subscription at:

We've also announced that we are opening up the code for X-Pack, and from the next release of Elasticsearch it will ship with X-Pack pre-installed will all the "basic" features automatically enabled for you.

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