Cannot access Flattened field in ElasticSearch Dashboard


I have created a transform where I have grouped by Client, BackupJob and BackupTool and I have put a terms aggregation in BackupStatus. The transform is displaying as expected in Discover. But when I try to create a table with this tranform, I have only Client, BackupJob and BackupTool fields in Dashboard and not BackupStatus.

I guess BackupStatus is not being seen in Dashboard since it has been used as an aggregation and hence is a Flattened field.

What should be done so that it is displayed in Dashboard to create a table?

Hi @Dana_Pavaday. Flattened fields are not yet supported by Discover. We have an existing feature request with more info. There is also a proposed workaround using runtime fields.

Hello @nickpeihl,

I need the transform to generate classical fields. Only the BackupStatus field is being aggregated and it cannot be generated to create a table in the Dashboard.

Is there a way to make the aggregated BackupStatus field generated in the Dashboard?

Hi @Dana_Pavaday. Have you looked at the proposed workaround link I posted above? I'm not certain it will work, but it should be worth a try.

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