Cannot access management console for any of our deployments

We are using Elastic Cloud on GCP and we cannot access the management console for any of our deployments. Each one results in a "connection reset" error in the web browser. Additionally, our terraform runner cannot access the management APIs.

Is there something going on?

Hi @Tommy_Romano Welcome to the community and thanks for using Elastic Cloud

I do not see any issues / incident logs for today on Elastic Cloud.

Are you are saying you can not access

If you can you should open a support ticket if the issue is accessing individual deployments

We do not have a support tier, so we are unable to open a ticket.

To be specific, we saw the following issues:

  • We got context deadline exceeded errors when querying{deployment_id}
  • We could access, but if we clicked on "Manage" on any of the deployments, the linked console would never load.
  • We could not access the Kibana dashboard by clicking on the deployment name - it would immediately result in a "connection reset" error

All these issues seem to have resolved on their own (we didn't do anything except wait), but we had these errors across all 3 of our deployments for around 20-30 minutes

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