Cannot access stack monitoring

Hi, we are using the free license.
I cannot access the stack monitoring. Getting following error message inside kibana:

The issue occurs as superuser elastic and with a newly created user called monitoring:

It doesn't matter, the user has the superuser role or not. same issue.

I am using elasticsearch / kibana 8.3.2.

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, Andreas

Hi Andreas!

I think you might be running into [Stack Monitoring] Missing remote_cluster_client role is reported as "access denied" · Issue #129546 · elastic/kibana · GitHub can you check that remote_cluster_client is added to the ES node being used for stack monitoring?

Alternatively you can set monitoring.ui.ccs.enabled: false in kibana.yml to avoid attempting to query remote clusters when loading the stack monitoring UI.

great, thanks.
Adding the role remote_cluster_client for elasticsearch node did the trick.

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