Cannot change timestamp field in an existing data view in kibana

Hello, I have created a dataview that uses @timetamp field which is generated from logstash. I wanted to change (edit) the default timestamp field to another field (timestamp_seconds) in
the dataview, but it is greyed out and not clickable. Is it not possible to change existing data view's default timestamp?

Is your "timestamp_seconds" also of date format? You can check this from the existing index pattern which you created.

If the "timestamp_seconds" is of date format, then create a new index pattern with this field.

Then, delete the existing index pattern, create a copy of the dashboard from saved objects, and tag it to the existing pattern with new date field.

If field is not of date type, first you need to convert your field to date format and then only you will be able to use it.

it is date format. When first creating dataview, in the timestamp section, i can select it. That time, i select @timestamp as the timestamp for the dataview. Now, I wanted to change it to other field, but it is greyed out.

just delete the existing one and create a new pattern. That will enable you the drop down and you can see the other date fields in it.

I manage to remove the grey out by reentering the index pattern in edit data view. Thank you!

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