Change default timestamp field of Index

I have an index pattern in kibana whose timestamp is in UTC, I want to change this default timestamp to another date field. Is there a way to achieve this?

Which your version of the stack?

If you go to advanced settings - you can set the timezone - default is browser.

If you want to change the timefield to a different date on the UI - its being worked on right now ability to set human readable title of data view & ability to edit data view by shivindera · Pull Request #124191 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

If you want to change it at source then you will have to modify your index. There is an example here - Changing the default timestamp after creating index pattern


Perhaps I am not understanding the question

But If you just want to change which field is used by the index pattern as the Timestamp field say to a field other than @timestamp ... you can delete the index pattern and re-create it and choose a different time / date field.

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