Adjusting timezone in Fields in index pattern

Hi , I'm using Kibana 7.10

One of the time fields i'm using is showing a +5.30 hrs time. i.e showing a future time.

I think its a timezone error & I want to clear this error in Kibana index pattern field settings.

So i want to reduce +5.30 hrs timezone difference

I'm trying to update time field, but don't where to do so.

I want to update only this timefield, don't want to change any other field.

Need help.

Hi @Sandeep_Raju,

I would recommend having a look at this thread which discusses a similar problem and gives a good over of the fact that Kibana makes use of UTC and how to work with that.

It might be that you need to amend the date format on ingestion, and for the existing documents potentially use the update_by_query API.

As a heads up, Elasticsearch v7.10 is no longer supported as per our support matrix. We would recommend upgrading.

Hope that helps!

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