Date time error


I'm new to kibana.
I did some visualizations too. But I'm facing below issue,
my date time in json is image

but in kibana it is showing some different time like,
can you pls help me out

my time zone is
India Standard Time

Time zone in Pune, Maharashtra (GMT+5:30)

Friday, 27 December 2019, 12:11 pm

Elasticsearch assumes UTC dates. The JSON document you shared is then UTC based as no explicit timezone has been defined in @timestamp field.
Kibana uses your browser settings I think to display dates in your timezone.

hi @David,
Thanks for the reply how can i define timezone in my index pattern or in the JSON file.
in the index i have mentioned like
"@timestamp": {
"type": "date"
can i put field like "time_zone" here

Ideally you put the timezone in the document itself not in the mapping. Something like


(I'm not sure about the exact format though)

If you can't modify the source, you can use an ingest pipeline and this processor may be:

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