Cannot create an index in Kibana

I am practicing and learning ELK. I am using a new version of ELK 7.1.1 I have successfully created conf file and I used a simple log file ( few lines). I want to use it to practice coordinate maps. Although I do not see this feature on 7.1.1 version (I assume it is built in region maps maybe). Anyhow, at my job we use 5.6.1 version where this visualization is present, but for personal practice I use newer version. Everything seems to be ok, yet I cannot find the index in my Kibana. I wonder why? Does it have something to do with compatibility? I found this message in my kibana terminal window, maybe it is the reason why. I have tried to run multiple config files and nada. However, everything seems to work ok.
log [17:22:07.238] [warning][task_manager] Task vis_telemetry "oss_telemetry-vis_telemetry" failed in attempt to run: [version_conflict_engine_exception] [oss_telemetry-vis_telemetry]: version conflict, required seqNo [225], primary term [16]. current document has seqNo [226] and primary term [16], with { index_uuid="ql7dcvutTie1VL12N43q_Q" & shard="0" & index=".kibana_task_manager" }

Hi @Barushka,

Please make sure that you are using matching versions of Kibana and Elasticsearch. Since you are using Kibana version 7.1.1 you must connect to Elasticsearch version 7.1.1.

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