Cannot create index in elastic search kibana

Hello, i am new to elastic search. I followed this below link to get started with elastic search

But while creating the index, i am getting this error...

901 out of 901 documents could not be imported. This could be due to lines not matching the Grok pattern.

Failed documents
0: field [time] not present as part of path [time]
{"message":"2018-11-30T17:09:29.330Z,\"61.3844,-149.4924\",61.3844,-149.4924,0.1,0,chugiak,\"0km N of Chugiak, Alaska\""}
1: field [time] not present as part of path [time]
{"message":"2018-11-30T17:29:29.330Z,\"61.3464,-149.9552\",61.3464,-149.9552,46.7,7,ak20419010,\"12km N of Anchorage, Alaska\""}
2: field [time] not present as part of path [time]
{"message":"2018-11-30T17:32:27.605Z,\"61.3978,-149.998\",61.3978,-149.998,47,4.5,ak20463262,\"13km S of Big Lake, Alaska\""}
3: field [time] not present as part of path [time]
{"message":"2018-11-30T17:32:36.962Z,\"61.4786,-149.9231\",61.4786,-149.9231,37.2,4.6,ak20463263,\"5km SSE of Big Lake, Alaska\""}
....... so on till 901

Please let me know how exactly to create index in elasticsearch kibana while importing data from csv/json

Hi @Shoto_Todoroki

Can you share maybe just the first 5 lines of your CSV that you are trying to import. Wondering if maybe you've got a formatting error in there somewhere.

I have dowloaded the data from the provided blog only

The data is like this...

2018-11-30T17:09:29.330Z,"61.3844,-149.4924",61.3844,-149.4924,0.1,0,chugiak,"0km N of Chugiak, Alaska"
2018-11-30T17:29:29.330Z,"61.3464,-149.9552",61.3464,-149.9552,46.7,7,ak20419010,"12km N of Anchorage, Alaska"
2018-11-30T17:32:27.605Z,"61.3978,-149.998",61.3978,-149.998,47,4.5,ak20463262,"13km S of Big Lake, Alaska"
2018-11-30T17:32:36.962Z,"61.4786,-149.9231",61.4786,-149.9231,37.2,4.6,ak20463263,"5km SSE of Big Lake, Alaska"
2018-11-30T17:33:52.950Z,"61.336,-149.9101",61.336,-149.9101,39.3,4.3,ak20463264,"16km N of Anchorage, Alaska"
2018-11-30T17:35:37.222Z,"61.2822,-149.9571",61.2822,-149.9571,40.8,5.7,ak20419042,"4km NNW of Anchorage, Alaska"
2018-11-30T17:36:37.807Z,"61.2833,-149.9082",61.2833,-149.9082,45.8,4.9,ak20463266,"7km N of Anchorage, Alaska"
2018-11-30T17:37:45.231Z,"61.4315,-150.0063",61.4315,-150.0063,41.1,4,ak20463267,"10km SSW of Big Lake, Alaska"
2018-11-30T17:39:37.593Z,"61.454,-150.0896",61.454,-150.0896,33.9,3.6,ak20463268,"13km SSW of Big Lake, Alaska"
2018-11-30T17:40:22.732Z,"61.5596,-149.5871",61.5596,-149.5871,28.7,3.1,ak20463269,"5km N of Knik-Fairview, Alaska"

Hmm, that data seems to work fine for me. You're going through the Machine Learning > Data Visualizer to do the import? What version of Elasticsearch are you using?

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