Cannot find create watch from realtime job (7.3)

I do not get the option to Create watch for real-time job when creating an ML job.


Yes, seems like a slight workflow bug has been introduced. The workaround is to go to the Job Management UI and stop the job's datafeed. When you restart the datafeed, select "No end time (Real-time search)" and then check the "create watch" option

This will allow you to create the watch using the built-in template.

The job creation wizards are getting completely revamped for v7.4, so we've already verified that this workflow bug is not present in the forthcoming 7.4 wizard. Not sure if we'll backport a fix for 7.3 given that there's this workaround.

This was a known issue for 7.3, it has been fixed for 7.3.1 in

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