Cannot Find elasticsearch.yml from ElasticStack in Azure

I've created an ElasticStack from Azure but I cannot find the elasticsearch.yml file to edit. I have an access via ssh but there's no any file in it. Where can I find the elasticsearch.yml.


How have you installed/deployed Elasticsearch on Azure?

I just followed this OpenDev 10.2017 | Logging, security, and analytics on Azure with the Elastic Stack

Also I didn't selected any nodes from blade settings.

I've tried to access the kibana public IP via ssh but there's no file in it.

By default, the template deploys with an internal loadbalancer only, which Kibana uses to communicate with the cluster. The Elasticsearch VMs are not directly accessible from outside of the network, but you can access each VM through the Kibana VM.

First ssh into the Kibana VM

ssh <admin username>@<kibana ip address>

Once connected, you can now connect to any of the Elasticsearch VMs. Azure DNS allows you to address VMs on the network by hostname, so to connect to data-0 is simply

ssh data-0

Now that you're connected to data-0, the admin username specified likely does not have access to the location of elasticsearch.yml, so you'll need to sudo

sudo su
nano /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml

Once you've made changes to the yml file, you'll need to save (CTRL + x, then y) the file, then restart Elasticsearch. The template uses monit to monitor the service

monit restart elasticsearch

You'll need to repeat the configuration change on all Elasticsearch nodes in the cluster.

An aside, you can deploy an Elasticsearch cluster using the same Azure Resource Manager template that the Azure Marketplace uses, from the GitHub repository in which the source is developed. The template exposes many more parameters than are provided in the Azure Marketplace, to keep the Marketplace experience simple, and one of these parameters, esAdditionYaml, can be used to set additional configuration in the elasticsearch.yml file. If you do use the ARM template from the repository, be sure to target a release branch .

You can use Azure CLI 1.0, 2.0 or PowerShell to deploy.

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Hi Thanks, I found the elasticsearch.yml from data-0.

Also how can I find the logstash.yml from ElasticStack in Azure

The template only deploys Elasticsearch and Kibana at present. There is an issue to track including Logstash:

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