Problems deploying to azure

I'm trying to deploy a test environment on azure and I'm running into all kinds of problems. I first had issues passing self-signed certificates for the application gateway and kibana, but I found some hacky way around those.

Now, I can't make HTTP calls to the service because it's asking for a key. I go into the admin console to get an API key but it tells me the application is not enabled for that (what?!) and it directs me to change to true in the Elasticsearch.yml file.

So I follow the steps recommended here: Cannot Find elasticsearch.yml from ElasticStack in Azure to access that file. I was able to ssh to kibana, but when I tried to ssh to the node vm from there, I got Permission denied (publickey).

I did pass my admin username and ssh key like this when I created the resources:


I'm at a loss. I'd really appreciate any help on this.

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Are you deploying it with a template or via the Elasticsearch Service on Azure?

Hello @warkolm, I'm deploying with a template. I was able to solve the authentication issue. I just had to pass the username and password. But I still need to be able to SSH into the nodes to update the Elasticsearch.yml and to update to the latest version to avoid the problems with log4j. I know I can redeploy and use a password instead of a SSH key but I don't think we want to do that.

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