Cannot find the Api query on Metricbeat dashboards

I'm trying to get the API requests that kibana does to the Elasticsearch in order to get the data to visualize. But for metricbeat i cannot find what i want.

Specifically on the ECS dashboard at the Host or System overview the only Gauge that lets me see the request/response is the Number of processes and at the System overview the Cpu usage at the bottom graph, not the Gauge.

If you see in the picture when i click the 3 dots i can select "inspect" and see the info there

But that doesn't apply to the other gauges. See the photo

  1. So why is that?

  2. And for a second question i have is that even on the "inspect" option i can only see the request body and response. I cannot see the URL that is being hit !

Lastly the same applies if i go Observability -> Metrics, there is not a way to see the API calls.

Thanks in advance

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