Cannot make deployment changes due to Coordinating Node


I am struggling to update a deployment. I made some changes successfully yesterday. However today, when I want to change my node configuration, I get this message:

I don't understand the message because there is no dedicated coordinating node. Maybe there was an error with one of the nodes be set as a coordinating node. I did have more nodes yesterday, including master nodes. But I removed then yesterday as well.

Not sure where to go from here. I restarted the nodes hoping it would fix itself. I have tried many different configuration changes, but any change get this message.

I started poking around with the APIs, but I am concerned that I will brick the whole thing.

Any help is appreciated.


Did you raise a support ticket, can you DM me the case number if so?

I sent a message through the help page. Does that go to support or do I need to email directly?

That will go to support, so you should get contacted within the usual period. The specific issue you are seeing here is of particular interest to me :slight_smile: ... if you don't have a case number could you DM me the first 6 digits of your cluster id

If anyone else is tracking this, it has not been resolved and is now happening with my production cluster as well. Anyone else having this issue?

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