Elastic Cloud (SaaS) Upgrade x.coordinating.x configuration is not available for editing

Hi, I am unable to upgrade from GUI of Elastic Cloud SaaS from 7.4.2 to 7.7.1 or 7.8.0, due to

Deployment > Edit
"Your changes cannot be applied
The requested cluster configuration change is not permitted. Value of field 'cluster_topology[1].instance_configuration_id' cannot be changed to [aws.coordinating.m5].

" The aws.coordinating.m5 configuration is not available for editing. Refresh the page and try again. Still not working? Update the configuration with the advanced editor or through the API."

Sorrry about that - can you file an issue at https://cloud.elastic.co/help ?, I believe this requires a simple intervention from an admin (it's a one off process that is needed for a small number of clusters)

Thanks Alex, I've opened the case.

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