Renaming Nodes and Clusters in Elastic Cloud

How do you go about renaming nodes and clusters in Elastic Cloud since there is no YML file to edit? I tried in the deployment settings but was getting errors and am wondering if there's a way to do this in Dev Tools?

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The idea is this shouldn't matter because it's ES aaS. You can only change deployment names, in the cluster management screen.

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Node Names are generated... and can not be set...

BUT you can edit the settings absolutely as you might want to add SAML providers etc for Elasticsearch, Kibana etc..

See Here

And here is a list of settings you can change

But in general we would recommend only change what you need to and let use worry about the rest :slight_smile:

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Any idea on how to enable saml/sso login to Elastic Stack? If possible could you please share the link?


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