Cannot read property 'get' of undefined

Hi, I'm using Suricata to collect logs on Kibana, after connecting Suricata with Elastic via filebeat, Kibana cannot visualize logs with following error: Cannot read property 'get' of undefined. It receives data but cannot visualize . I had configured same machine previously without any problems and I was able to visualize suricata logs, but after deleting filebeat indexes from elastic for space issues, and then created a new machine trying to configure unsuccessfully.



Do you see any errors in the Kibana logs?

In Ingest Node Pipelines, suricata pipeline show the following error:

that's not an error, it's just the equivalent of an error handler for the ingest. The kibana log files would either be on stdout if you're running from tar.gz or source, or journalctl depending on your OS.

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