Kibana not loading due to "Cannot read properties of undefined"

I am trying to spin up a kibana / Elasticsearch stack using ECK operator.

This is something I have done multiple times.

In just one of the attempts however, kibana is not loading on my browser with the following error

Version: 7.12.1
Build: 39457
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'isScreenshotMode')
    at plugin_TelemetryPlugin.setup (https://mykibana/46307/bundles/plugin/telemetry/kibana/telemetry.plugin.js:1:21147)
    at plugin_PluginWrapper.setup (https://mykibana/46307/bundles/core/core.entry.js:8:162197)
    at plugins_service_PluginsService.setup (https://mykibana/46307/bundles/core/core.entry.js:8:165119)
    at core_system_CoreSystem.setup (https://mykibana/46307/bundles/core/core.entry.js:8:201688)
    at async Module.jt (https://mykibana/46307/bundles/core/core.entry.js:8:206561)

Why is that?

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