Cannot see Logstash index

health status index uuid pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
red open filebeat-7.6.2-2020.04.23 1_mZNRLHRD6hAJ7YcFildw 1 1
yellow open .kibana c5iYKhcZTBaOOZyKgm_ZlQ 1 1 4 0 18.7kb 18.7kb
red open ilm-history-1-000001 WqyNW9miQG-PAF4O6LRqxw 1 1
red open winlogbeat-7.6.2-2020.04.23-000001 1HkpWhMdSZudwuRvE2IPyg 1 1

this has been my output when i check "index health". My Logstash is running but it is not showing on the index and i am not getting any log. I used rpm installation. What could be the issue please?

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