Cannot view Strigo Endpoint Desktop

Currently taking the Endpoint Security Fundamentals course. The lab requires the use of the Strigo Endpoint desktop but I cannot view it. It is just a black screen. When I resize I can see the blue desktop momentarily but then goes black. Tried with Edge browser as well. Have no issue with the Strigo Server.


Hi Chris,

Sorry you are having this issue. The endpoint VM can take a bit of time to spin up because it is a windows endpoint. Although not typical, it can take up to 10 mins for it to boot up. Please reply back if you have been waiting and I can see what I can do on my end to help.


Restart fixed the issue, not sure why I didn't try that first, guess I assumed since server was working ....

Thanks for prompt reply. I've been automating deployment for my team that has already configured ELK, Beats and APM. These Observability tutorials helped fill in the holes and understand what the heck I'm deploying.

Awesome - glad you got that sorted out it and you are back on your way. Sounds like you got your hands full. Just as an FYI, this forum is a great source of info, but we also have the community slack here where you can ask questions in their channel for other users and Elasticians that monitor it.

I am sure the Observability team here will be happy to know that these have helped you.

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