Cant access the marvel GUI


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Good morning. I wanted to play around with the docker image for elastic search 6.5.1 and installed on a linux container on my windows pc.

I did a postman get on post 9200 and i got the response and the tagline "you know, for search', indicating the docker image worked.
Next I wanted to go to the marvel UI and see my server status, but i don't know to which url to go to.
I read that marvel is now part of x-pack, so i check the container and i got the message "This distribution of elasticsearch contains x-pack by default".

So it seems it is installed, i just dont know where to go.

http://localhost:5601/app/marvel also gives an error.

Any ideas how to install teh GUI from inside the elasticsearch docker image?

(Alejandro Gonzalez) #2

I just went to the http://localhost:9200/_xpack/license/start_trial?acknowledge=true and started the trial. but what do i do next?

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Marvel is now called Monitoring and is totally free. Check out

(Alejandro Gonzalez) #4

Well I gave up on this. The docker image cant start connector D so kibana wont start, so my work around was running kibana on my windows host.

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