Can't delete index - Bad Request

Trying to delete index:

Bad Request, any idea? I used to be able to delete them in earlier versions of Elastic Cloud.

Hi @lamp123432

That is an index being managed by a Data Stream. Perhaps you should look at the docs to learn a bit more about them here

That .ds- prefix means that is an index is managed by a Data Stream with the name that you have blurred out

In the meantime the question is do you want to delete the whole Data Stream which would dekete every backing index / all the data / indices if the data stream. Gone! You can find Data Streams in the same index management section under data streams.

If you just started using data stream, sure you can clean it up. Just don't delete the data stream if you have weeks of data that you want to keep.

If you just want to delete just that index you probably can BUT the reason for the error (which should be more clear) It is that it's still the index that's being written to and so you cannot delete it.

You can check that by going to Kibana Dev Tools and run the delete command there and I think you'll see the correct error

DELETE .ds-index-name

If you only wanted delete that index and not the whole data stream, you will need to force a rollover that will create the next in the sequence and then you can delete that one.

Figure out what you want to do. Delete the whole data stream or just that index.

Then follow the suggestions.

If I delete the whole data stream, would it be recreated automatically by the beat writing to it? Like when I delete an index it used to be recreated right away.

Is that an agent or beats?
Agent right?
What version?
Yes it should...

Yeah it's an integration pushed through an agent, I think 8.5.0, thanks for the info!