Unable to delete datastream using delete datastream api

Hi I have referred the following link Delete data stream API | Elasticsearch Guide [7.17] | Elastic to delete Data stream. Unfortunately, not able to succeed

Whenever I tried from console
curl -X DELETE localhost:9200/_data_stream/.geoip_databases
It complains resource not found

due to those data streams my cluster health is red and I'm seeing unassigned shards as well.
Moreover, both primary and replica shards of the data streams are not active. Also for that reason I'm not able to delete.

Note:- Since elasticsearch health is red , I'm not able to access Kibana to perform any operation on data streams

Can somebody suggest how can I delete the datastream from console or what way I can debug

Do you know why your cluster is red? How did you determine those indices are your issues?

What version are you on?

What do these show

curl localhost:9200/_cat/health

curl localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v

BTW that is not a data stream so this should be the proper command.

curl -X DELETE localhost:9200/.geoip_databases

Are you out of disk space?

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