Can't Download Elasticsearch from Sudan!


I am from Sudan, a country in north Africa.
There is an embargo from the US. So we can't buy software from there.
However recently the embargo is partially lifted, and some companies are now selling software here, namely Oracle.

When I try to download elasticsearch I get HTTP ERROR 451.

I can use a vpn, but it is a little bit of pain in the ssh. funny?

Any ideas about installing elasticsearch in a convenient way?

We're just checking with a few internal teams about this :slight_smile:

Here's the information I got internally:

Our software is not available in certain countries and regions due to internal corporate policy.

I'm afraid you don't have other choice for now.

Not even for legal reasons? Bravo!
That is just perfect, specially when you call it open source.

what??? how???

Unfortunately we aren't able to elaborate further at this point in time.

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