Can't Edit Kibana Dashboard: Forbidden


I am using kibana 6.6.1 with 3 elastic data nodes and 1 apm node
I am having issues in which I cant edit kibana dashbord with error: forbidden
Is it because I tried the trial license and then reverted back to basic license?
I wanted to try out the security features but decided to go back to basic without any authenthication for now

how do I fix the forbidden dashboard editing error?
is it recommended to upgrade to version 7 which now have security features in basic license


Hey @amin.nugroho,

Without both ES and Kibana logs, it'd be hard to diagnose this further. It sounds like security is still enabled if you're receiving Forbidden errors. Can you post your logs?

If you're able to upgrade to take advantage of the free security features, then go for it! You can also upgrade to 6.8 to get these free features if moving to 7 now would be difficult.

I am scrolling through the logs to find some clue.

In the meantime, could you tell me how to disable security properly after reverting back to basic license?
Also, is it okay to upgrade to 6.8/7 in this condition? Or should I fix this issue before upgrading?

I'd make sure that is set to false in your elasticsearch.yml file. Ideally we'll have your config fixed before attempting an upgrade too.

It's solved using solution 1 here:

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