Can't find clusters in Marvel data

I see this error when opening Marvel:

Marvel: We can't seem to find any clusters in your Marvel data. Please check your Marvel agents

I did a GET /_cat/indices?v:
index shard prirep state docs store ip node
.marvel-es-2016.02.18 0 p STARTED 223 184.7kb datanode3
.marvel-es-2016.02.18 0 r STARTED 223 250.4kb datanode1
.kibana 0 p STARTED 3 20kb datanode3
.kibana 0 r STARTED 3 20kb datanode2
.marvel-es-data 0 p STARTED 20 72.3kb datanode1
.marvel-es-data 0 r STARTED 20 72.3kb datanode2

Any idea what's causing the error? I have 2 master nodes, 1 client node and 3 data nodes.

What versions of ES and Kibana are you running?

ES 2.2.0, Kibana 4.4.1

Hm. That is odd..
Did you configure Marvel to log locally, or do you have a remote monitoring cluster?
Is there time drift between your cluster and the machine you are using to access Marvel? We rely on your browser and the cluster to be the same or close to the same time.

Thank you very much. The problem was the time drift among some of the nodes. Once I adjusted the time, I was able to see the data in marvel.