Can't seem to get access to x-pack in the Kibana management tab (5.6.10)

Heya everybody,

I'm working on upgrading our elasticsearch cluster to 6.3 (currently using 5.6.10)
I've been trying to get the upgrade assistant to show up in the management interface.

I've installed x-pack on all of the nodes and added the basic license which seemed to work fine.
However my management interface only shows the Kibana tab and I can't seem to get access to the x-pack upgrade assistant.

I've restarted all of my nodes, but nothing has changed.
Is there a config somewhere I need to enable to get access to x-pack?

Can anybody give me some hints about how to proceed?

My bad... I apparently failed to include the kibana x-pack installation in my chef cookbook.
Everything is alright with the world again.

Glad to hear that you found a solution!


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