Canvas Elements No Longer Interactive

Having some issues with elements in Canvas. Drop down filters that were once working, are no longer interactive (when you click on them, they no longer drop down or react). In addition, maps added to canvas are doing the same thing. No settings on the visualizations or workpads have been changed. When they are rebuilt and added to a new workpad they work without a problem, but when brought over to this workpad, the issue persists. Any idea what the problem could be?

Hey there,

You are likely running into an issue caused by the latest version of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge: [Canvas] Embeddable z-indexes broken in Chromium 94 · Issue #113295 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

We have merged a fix that will go out with the next release but in the mean time you can use the workaround mentioned in that issue or use Firefox and it should be working once again!

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