Canvas: Dropdown filter not updating elements without page reload

Hello there,
I am using 3 dropdown filters scattered on 4 pages. Selecting one filter updates the elements inside the workpad but sometimes after switching from one page to another selecting one dropdown filter does not UPDATE elements in the workpad without reloading the page. Of course I tried to disable the cache in my browser (I tried with Firefox and Chromium).

The error happens this way: I select filters on the first page, it works (at the top of the browser I can see a thin update animation showing a value was selected), then I navigate inside the workpad, select a value in a dropdown, I can see the update animation on the top of the browser BUT elements are not updated. Only reloading the page makes it working.

I am not sure if this is a bug coming from my workpad or from Kibana (I am using version 7.1.1). I tried making a similar workpad and the bug still appears.

could you provide more information about your workpad?
could someone from canvas team take a look @monfera?

After a bit of thought I decided that my workpad is too complicated with 4 pages and 3 dropdown filters. I will split it in three workpads, one for every use case. We'll see.

@Yoann_Toussaint let us know if you are still encountering issues after you split it up, we may need to file a bug report.

I am sorry but I still encounter the bug after I split it up and cleaned everything.

Bug is:

I have multiple dropdown filters on multiple pages in my workpad, I make some selections on the first page, but after going back and forth in the pages, some dropdown filters (on the second page) are not updating the canvas as they should (however I can see the thin update animation at the top of the browser). Only reloading the page (F5) makes the update working.
Browsers are Chromium 74 and firefox 67
Cache is disabled

Hi Tim, thank you for your answer. As with Kibana version 7.2, the bug is still there. Can you tell me how to file a bug report ?

Hi @Yoann_Toussaint, you can file a bug report by creating an issue against the Kibana repository in github. Make sure to add the Team:Canvas label so the Canvas team will get pinged for it.

Thank you team. I created the issue:
However as I am not a contributor I don't think I can assign a label to this issue.

Thanks @Yoann_Toussaint, I attached the label.

I found the issue. I just had too many open scroll context. I configured my elasticsearch with:

search.max_scroll_context: 3000

But more importantly my SQL requests returns only what is needed for the visualizations and not the whole data sets. That was the key. I will close the issue on Kibana.

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