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Dear Canvas Team,

I noticed an issue with canvas workpads that have multiple pages. Say the workpad has two pages, and either page contains a dropdownControl element (or any other element that applies a filter on the workpad), the filters are only applied for the dropdownControl that is located on the page that the workpad was initially loaded with.

So to show the issue I created a simple workpad with two pages. The first page contains a table that shows the demodata:

| demodata
| table
| render

and a dropdownControl that allows to filter on the project column:

| dropdownControl valueColumn=project filterColumn=project | render

This looks as follows:

The second page is exactly the same, a table displaying the demo dataset and a dropdownControl to allow filtering on the project column.

The problem I encountered is the following. Say I close the browser and reopen the workpad (or simply refresh the browser), I land on page 1 and select the project elasticsearch in the dropdown on page 1, the table shows only the elasticsearch entries:

Select any in the dropdown and all entries are shown again:

This is the expected behavior and everything is fine until here. However, when I now switch to the second page and select anything in the dropdown on the second page, the filter does not seem to be applied to the workpad:

Both of the tables, that on page 1 and that on page 2 still display all records. When I switch back to page 1, the dropdown on page 1 still works fine.

The funny thing is that when I am on page 2 and refresh my browser, the dropdown on page 2 works but the one on page 1 does not. So it seems like somehow only the filter of elements that are on the initially loaded page get applied to the workpad.

This is quite the issue since I have workpads where the user will get taken back and forth between different pages, and having to refresh the browser after every change of page is cumbersome.

Do you have any idea what the issue here might be?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Thanks @tarkin67,

I was able to verify this, but it appears that only the last dropdown filter applies the filter for the data tables. Will bring this up with the Canvas team.

(Tyler Smalley) #3

As a follow-up from the Canvas team. This is actually an intended behavior at the moment. Filters apply to the entire workpad.

(Kasimir Bobst) #4

Thank you for the reply @tylersmalley.

I am aware that filters will be applied to the entire workpad and this is totally fine. The problem is that once I switch the page, the dropdown filter does not have any effect! Is this intended as well?

Kind regards,

(Tyler Smalley) #5

Is this still the case if you only have a single dropdown filter?

(Kasimir Bobst) #6

Yes, this also happens when there is only one dropdown filter.

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