Canvas Kibana highlight point in bubble chart from dropdown


I am working with canvas in which I have one dropdown which filters for countries. I have a bubble plot (x and y numeric, and countries as text) with the full data (no filters). The goal is to keep the full data in the bubble plot, and change the only color of the country that I select in the dropdown. I know we can do it in Series Style option manually, but can we link the dropdown values to the series style? something like: ... seriesStyle={seriesStyle label="filters or field name"}

Thank you in advance!

@corey.robertson / @poff can we please get some help?


There is currently no way to retrieve the currently value of a filter element from within the expression of another element. You can file an enhancement request here

Hi @Catherine_Liu Thank you for your reply. Actually I found a way. Just copy the filters and query to the seriesStyle label. Something of the form:

 seriesStyle={seriesStyle label={filters | essql query="select ...." | getCell "field in dropdown"} color="blue" fill=true}
| render

And every time I select something from the dropdown, the point in the bubble plot will change to blue.

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