Canvas line chart : what's this line?


I'm new to ELK.
I have some API that I need to monitor. I've installed Heartbeat and now I try to represent data in a canvas. I would like to display status of an API with a linechart, showing when it's up or down. I've added a line chart, and selected data with Elastic SQL :

SELECT "monitor.status" as status, "@timestamp" as timestamp 
FROM "heartbeat-*"
WHERE "" = 'API healthcheck'

Here's what I get. Graph is ok except the line that goes from origin (down left of the chart) to the last information of the chart (up right of the chart). See screenshot below.

What is this line and how do I get rid of it?

Many thx


Hey @Lempkin!

I don't have enough details to recreate this exactly, but trying out similar ideas on some sample data, everything seems to work fine.

I asked our Canvas team and they said something like this is often caused by having set the incorrect values for the axis on the Display tab.

Hope that helps!

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