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In Canvas I can see there is tsvb option. I understand this enables me to include TSVB created through Visualize menu. Am I right?
-> If so, what am I suppose to configure for these parameters tsvb uiState and params? Where do I get them from? Is there any example using TSVB inside a Canvas?
-> If not, how can I reuse some visualization inside Canvas?


On the 2nd part: the team is working on reusing all kinds of charts in Canvas, but it's not there yet

Hi @monfera, thank you for your reply.

Is there a date which this will be released?

What about existing tsvb command inside Canvas, where can I find examples how to use it?


I'm not aware of a target date but most likely, more than a month or two. Also, TSVB commands don't currently work inside Canvas. Timelion queries do, however.

Thanks again @monfera. Even though we have this tvsb inside Canvas, are you saying this does not work?

Timelion could be an option, however, it seems Timelion is not fully covered in Canvas: Yaxis scale on Canvas vs Timelion


This looks like an addition I missed, let me check with the Canvas team

While I check, can you pls. add Kibana version info?

Sure. I am using 7.3.2.

Thanks! As mentioned, we're working on bringing more into Canvas and also into the improving code editor, which can also show functions not yet documented or even added to Canvas, so it's best to stick to the documented ones, eg. for 7.3, here as anything else is unlikely to work well if at all.

Thank you @monfera.

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