Canvas workpad - intermittently broken visualizations

Hey All
Elastic/Kibana Version 7.9.1

Have this weird issue in canvas.
I get 0 results when counting docs. It happens in all visualisations.
Here is an example.
In this sample, I want to count the number of backups. I split it into 3 groups. Each time I get 0 in a different group, after a refresh.

The following screenshots were taken at the same minute. I just refreshed the workpad in between.
As you can see, the 0 (zero) changes place with every refresh.
2020-11-18 14_35_42-Window 2020-11-18 14_33_58-Window 2020-11-18 14_34_44-Window

Any ideas?


What kind of query are you running to calculate this? It would help to understand the expression.

The root cause was identified.
One of the elastic nodes was out of sync and showed a different time.
When the queries hit that node, 0 records returned, as the queries are timestamp-based.
Thank you!

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