Central Management: Wrong beat id

Today I wanted to try out the new Central Management.
For some reason, the metricbeat does not receive its configuration from central management.

I did the following steps:

  1. Fresh installation of Elasticsearch and Kibana 6.5.3 on Debian with all necessary configurations (x-pack security etc.)
  2. Downloaded metricbeat 6.5.3 for Windows x64 and unzipped the files to C:\Program Files\Metricbeat\6.5.3\ on a client
  3. From the path named aboth I used the following command to enroll the beat:
    metricbeat.exe enroll http://kibana-ip:5601 --username elastic --password stdin
  4. After that the beat appeared in Central Management UI in Kibana. I added some tags (e.g. for Elasticsearch-Output)
  5. Installed metricbeat as service and started it.

I expected it to now pull the configs from the Central Management. However, in Kibana the beat's Config Status only shows "Offline".

Jumping back to the client's metricbeat log it shows the following line:

error retriving new configurations, will use cached ones: Beat "1570704b-6f6d-4ada-801e-a16db6fc02c8" not found

1570704b-6f6d-4ada-801e-a16db6fc02c8 is the Beat's UUID. In Central Management the Beat's ID is completely different. May this be the cause?

In a second try I enrolled the beat token-based. Same problem.

Am I missing any step?

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