How to enable metric beat

I have configured Metricbeat on kibana.When i take the kibana UI -Management_central Management below page is to enable it

As the message states you must configure security in order to use this feature.

where to configure the security

After enabling security only i can use metricbeat??

You can use metricbeat without security, but not centralized management.

ok..i have to use metric beat only.i have configured it .it couldnt be visualize in kibana


First you need to check metricbeat-* index is created automatically or not. If index is created are you getting logs in metricbeat index? If you are getting logs in metricbeat index then you can check metricbeat dashboard under dashboard tab in left hand side on kibana. If you are not getting logs then you need to check or review your metricbeat configuration again. You can follow the below documentation:

Metricbeat documentation