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Is there a way to change a cluster name or a node name in ECE?

The thing is that the autogenerated name is being logged into monitoring cluster and having many ES clusters with these guid names leads to confusion when working with Kibana Monitoring tab since it's hard to identify which cluster the id belongs to. It would be better to use a human-friendly name instead.

We created an ingest pipeline to add the real cluster name to each and every logged record so that at least our dashboards show meaningful name, but I'd prefer an out of box solution as this one might have some serious performance implications.


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Unfortunately there isn't a way to change the cluster name - it's an oft-requested feature that is working its way through our roadmap

The specific "UUID in monitoring" issue is simpler than the general "cluster alias" issue, and we've been waiting for a new ES/Kibana change to occur to allow overrides to what monitoring displays. This has now happened, as of 6.6 (,, and and we have support for it slated in ECE 2.2 (but it's not a blocker so it might appear in a 2.2 minor or later)

in the meantime you can use the direct ES-level support as linked above as a slightly inconvenient workaround


ps (On the general "cluster alias" issue currently the workaround that people use is to put nginx in front of the proxies and map from the aliases to the cluster ids in there)

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Thanks Alex,

I'm happy to hear this is a feature going to be released soon.


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