Change date format in Timelion

I want to change x-axis time format in Timelion visualization like 2021-04-16 to April -2021.
Here is a screenshot.

Hi @vikramdayma , maybe this response can help you: Format timestamp Timelion into date

hi Marta,
Thanks for reply,
I read that response and apply .es(*).legend(timeFormat=DD-MM-YYYY) . It is only change legend time on hover.
Here is my timelion code

.label(label="Result").yaxis(1, min=0 , max=100).color(green).title("Location wise result")
.legend(columns=3, position=sw,timeFormat="MMMM-YYYY").label("Performance"),

timefield='assign_on' is x-axis field. I want to change it format with month name like 2021-04-16 to April -2021.

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