Format timestamp Timelion into date

Hi, Using the Timelion, I would like to know how to format the timefield ='time' <- timestamp into days, something like this 'dd-mm-yyyy' in order to show the trend with big periods of time avoiding the split by hour.Thanks

Hi @Eduardo_De_Zulueta, I'm not completely sure I fully understand your request but I will try to give you some hints:

  • have you tried to use the Interval dropdown just above the timelion expression? you can specify here that you want 1d intervals so the data is aggregated in a daily basis
  • if the problem is with the tooltip on the top-left side of the visualization, you can format the date displayed with the following function .es(*).legend(timeFormat=DD-MM-YYYY) following the format convention of moment.js

If none of these are what you were looking, please could you specify a bit more your usecase and what you want to achieve? anything useful to understand better the request is welcome


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