Change index name and template - Jira using enterprise


I am using ES 8.8.1.

I have connected to Jira cloud using Jira connector and I am receiving the data as well.

Is it possible to update/change the index name for the data received? I would also like to change/update the index template to update mappings and add runtime fields.


Hi @Sheereen , once an index is created and has mappings it can't be modified, but you can create a new index with the name and mappings you want, or create custom index templates to add runtime fields for example.

The Jira native connector is beta in 8.8.1, but you can also manually set it up from the connectors-python project.

By default, enterprise search creates an index for JIRA. So I do not have the provision to change the same to a DataStream or change it's name, I guess.

I was able to change mappings by creating an index template.

If you want a specific name, could you use an alias?

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