Changes made in one user appears for every user

I have two user-user1 and user2 mapped to indexpatterns index1 and index2 respectively.

  1. If I add an indexpattern as user1, it appears in user2's index pattern.
    In discover, the dropdown provided to select indices, shows my new index in user2's discover
    also. Likewise, while creating a new visualization, to select an index pattern, it shows all indices and
    also in ->Management-> indexpatterns-> it shows indexpattern names as well as edited fields.

  2. In visualize, user1 is not able to view user2's visualization but able to see filter options.

  3. Changes made by user1 are appearing in user2, like adding index pattern, adding visualization, dashboards,saved searches.

Is there a way to hide things?

Not posible in Kibana right now, will be part of the new security model:

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