Changing the timezone of logs written in logging.dest in kibana.yml

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This is regarding a query about Kibana logs. The logs mentioned in "logging.dest" field in kibana.yml file are getting written but the time stamps are not matching with the server's timezone. Is there any way to update the timezone of the logs written to match with server's timezone?
I have updated the logstash.conf date filters but that doesn't make a difference. I guess that is meant for kibana logs in the Kibana UI and not logs written as part of kibana installation.

Any help on this topic is much appreciated since this would help in better debugging on Kibana installation.

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Shwetha Mittur

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As of 6.1, you can set logging.useUTC to false to use the local timezone.

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We are using Kibana version, 5.5.1. Is there any way to configure this in 5.5.1?

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Unfortunately, there isn't. Here is the change:

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All right! Thank you so much for your quick response!

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