Chart with the time of the whole traces


In APM view I can see the full trace and from the chart I can read the whole time of the trace. Is it possible to create a query to create a chart with multiple traces. Specifically I would like to have traces which has breached some threshold.

I cannot really use the transactions time, because the time which is the most important is between transactions. Exact case is: one service is sending the message to JMS queue another one is supposed to pick it up quickly. Both services are creating transactions. I need to find the time between those transaction. Or generally the time between the start of first transaction in trace and the end of last one.

While I cannot provide any smart idea for charting exactly what you are looking for, I can propose an alternative - unless you disabled timestamps in your JMS client, all transactions created by message receiver should have a field, which is essentially the subtraction of message creation timestamp from message receive timestamp (clock skews cannot be considered of course).
I hope this helps.

Hi @Eyal_Koren,

this can be used as a partial solution for the main problem we have. Thank you.

But if anything more generic would be possible, I would be glad to hear about it.

Maybe you can use transform/roll up to calculate the time between transactions. We are using it to calculate the the total time of a trace (from the start of the first transaction until the end of the last transaction).

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