Check boxes in kibana

is it possible to create checkboxes in kibana?

Hi @phani2. Can you be more specific? Where do you want to create checkboxes and why?

I'm trying to create facets in kibana basically using it as a front end UI tool to fulfill my use case.
I could get the aggregations in elastic search. But I would want to show them in kibana as checkboxes and having count beside them.
Here is how I would want to create a visualization in kibana.

This is a really neat idea. I think the closest thing we have to facets in Kibana are filters on the search bar. They persist between Discover, Visualize, and Dashboards. I've created one for the "firefox" process in my Metricbeat index in the screenshot below.

However, did you know we have a solution for building search applications with facets? It's called Search-UI and it integrates with our App Search product.

You can download App Search and run it yourself for free or try it in our Elastic Cloud service free for 14 days.

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yes, I do know about the Search -UI. I was trying to run that code from the GitHub repository.
So basically I have a windows system and when I run the code I'm encountering so many errors.
Could you please help me out if there is any way to solve these?..
I'm attaching a screenshot of the errors I got
But when I ran the same code in a mac it compiled without any errors.

Hi @phani2. That error is rather vague and I don't have a Windows machine to test on. But it looks like it has something to do with the postinstall script. I wonder if there is a command in the postinstall script that does not work in Windows command prompt?

Can you use the Windows Subsystem for Linux terminal instead?

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