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Hello ,
My requirement is to create an application having Elastic search and Kibana.In that application the user should have login page and next to that a new page having checkboxes to filter the criterias .And based on the criteria the input should be passed as query to Elastic search and display the results in charts in Kibana.
Since I am new to this, Kindly let me know the possibilties in kibana.

  1. Is it possible to create the above mentioned application entirely using only kibana and elastic search ?
  2. Is it possible to have manual filters in check box form in kibana dashboard which will update dynamically based on the input filters?
  3. Or if I create the above mentioned application using java and then use elastic search as data store and based on the filter criteria applied , Will the embeded kibana iframe can be updated with the chart based on input provided.
  4. If nothing is possible from above, Kindly let me know best solution for implemeting elastic search and display the chart having checkbox filters.
    If possible please share the links having sample applications.

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Is possible to build something similar, but i m not sure is kibana your best tool to do it.

I suppose is better you write your own client application that query directly your elastic and display all in you client.

It really depend how complex and dynamic are your filters and how fit are u in the technology userd in kibana. It sure can be solved with a custom visualization in kibana ... but you may get some work keeping in sync with releases. API is not very stable at the moment.


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