Create visualization from client portal based on custom filter criteria

Hello All,

I am new to ELK stack and we are about to start a POC for one of the client requirement.

Our client already having an application where they able to see data graphically and in tables. For some reason client wanted to migrate this application ELK platform.

The existing application provides an option to user similar to that of we see in many e-commerce sites to filter the product before search. Based on the filters applied the chart prepared.

Now that we are about to move to ELK, i would like to know is it possible to create visualization dynamically / using code(java api for example) from the client application and display it in client side. I have gone thru some discussion this forum related to creating visualization using code and pushing into .kibana index and adding it to dashboard. So the query i have here is, is it possible to show the visualization created dynamically in client application instead of using dashboard to view it?

Edit : Filters applied by client in the portal will be applied on the data. Based on this filtered data we want to show the visualization in client portal.

Thanks in advance.

All of the things you mentioned are possible with Elasticsearch.

If you are wanting to take advantage of the visualizations in Kibana, you can use the share feature and embed the visualization in an IFRAME. This is somewhat limited though. A common practice is to query Elasticsearch directly and use a JS library like Flot to visualize the data. In Kibana, it's possible to create a visualization and inspect the request sent to Elasticsearch to assist in creating the query you're after.

Thank you so much for your response Tyler.

If i am using share feature for the visualization already created in Kibana and sharing it using iFrame then is it possible to apply elastic query results based on user filtering to the visualization already created?

Or if i am using dynamic visualization created using java api is it possible to apply custom search results and show it in client portal.

Edit 1 : can you give any pointers or references ? Documents related to it


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